Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leave some...take some

Remember those leave a penny, take a penny dishes/jars at your favorite convenience store? The concept is if you need a penny to pay for your $2.01 purchase, you can take one, but if you buy something for $1.99, you can leave your penny in the dish for the next person. I have taken and left many a penny using this concept.

Fred Meyer has started using this concept, but with coupons. At the front entrance of their store they have a basket that is usually full of coupons. They have catalina machines for coupons that print at the point of sale. Usually they are for products (i.e. $.50 off Ball Park hot dogs, a % off at Fred Meyer jewelers). Sometimes they are for an amount off of your next order (i.e. buy certain products, get $$ off toward your next purchase). If people don't use their catalina coupons, they can leave the coupons in the basket on their way out of the store so that people that will use them can take them.

I started checking that basket every time I go to Fred Meyer. Yes, I am THAT person digging through the coupon basket. I am fine with that. It is so worth it to check, because the last time I was there I found a $2.00 off your next purchase catalina!

What about you? Have you found some great coupons at Fred Meyer's coupon exchange?

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