Saturday, August 16, 2008

All You Magazine

I heard about the coupons in the All You August issue from Money Saving Mom. Honestly, I don't like going to Walmart - for many reasons, mainly because it is sooooooooooo big and seems to be soooooooooo busy at the times that I am able to go. Anyway, I ventured to Walmart today and picked up two issues. I was pleasantly surprised! It was filled to the brim with coupons - it felt like Sunday morning to me (when I clip my coupons from the paper)! Just the Kraft freebie coupons made it worth the $1.77 each that I spent, but there were tons of other great coupons as well. I highly recommend picking up this magazine, but you can only get it at Walmart. You can also subscribe here. This link also allows you to sign up to get two free issues. When you do this you are actually signing up for a one year subscription, but if you decide that you don't want it the year's subscription, you just write cancel when the bill arrives (make sure you mark "Bill Me" on the payment method).

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