Friday, August 8, 2008

Free/Cheap Entertainment

Before we decided that we needed to be more frugal, we spent more money than I care to think about on entertainment - movies, out to dinner, etc. We love to be together as a family and do things together, and we have found that you can have just as much fun and spend much less money. We have found tons of fun, free community events in our area. There may be opportunities for some free fun right in your community too. Check your local library, TV and radio station websites, the newspaper, or even just Google "Free Events" and your city's name. You will be amazed with all the things going on that you never would have thought about. For fun community events in the Boise area, check out:

Also, check for free or discount days at your favorite hangouts. In Boise, the Boise Zoo is discounted every Thursday. The kids are still free - until my son turns 3 - so we can go for $4.00 and pack a lunch and it is a cheap fun day for us!

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