Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Walgreen's adventure this week...

With the $10.00 off if you spend $40.00 coupon worked pretty well. Here is what I was able to get...

  • 2 Pert Plus @ $4.99 each (minus) 2 $3.00 off coupons (equals) $3.98 (I love Pert Plus and had already received my free ones from Walgreen's and Rite Aid :))

  • 3 Walgreen's 52 ct diapers and 1 60 ct diapers for $2.74 each (total) $10.96! These were on an endcap marked clearance regularly $10.99! I am bummed though, I just realized I could have used the $5.00 off 2 from the August Easysaver, ugh! - but this was an awesome deal just the same.

  • 1 Men's Nivea Body Wash @ $4.99 (minus) $1.00 off coupon (equals) $3.99 - will receive $4.99 Easysaver rebate for September (equals) FREE + $1.00 overage!

  • 1 Crest Pro Health toothpaste $3.79 - will receive $3.79 Easysaver rebate for September (equals) FREE!

  • 1 Revlon Nail Polish $4.49 - will receive $4.79 Easysaver rebate for September (equals) FREE!

  • 1 CoverGirl eyeliner pencil $3.79 (minus) $1.00 off coupon (equals) $2.79 (not a steal, but I really needed one :))

  • 1 Russell Stover box of "Urban Chocolates" for $2.99 - this was on clearance, regularly $5.99, and I got it for a gift for a family member.

  • 2 Walgreen's Sour Gummy Worms $1.00 each - this is also not a bargain, but a necessity :). I love these things!

  • 1 Huggie's Diapers @ $9.49 (minus) $1.50 off coupon (equals) $7.99 received $2.00 register reward for my next purchase (equals) $5.99 - this was a decent deal, not as good as the Walgreen's diapers I found, but I can't use store brands on my son, they don't hold enough for him!

So, my total OOP was $36.78.

I received $2.00 in Register Rewards

I will receive $13.27 +10% back on my Walgreen's giftcard = $14.59

Net I will have paid = $20.19

I'm happy with that!

Do you want to find out what great deals others have found at drugstores? Check out The "Cents"ible Sawyer's Drugstore Divas! I love her blog!

Also, I am hosting a giveaway this week, you could win a $25.00 Target Gift Card click here for details!

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