Friday, August 1, 2008

Yard Sales

I love to yard sale. I am not one of those hard core, up at six, fanny pack wearing power yard salers, but I do love it and I have found some great deals. I have been amazed to find that many people have never shopped at a yard sale or had one themselves. I encourage everyone to go out and try it, you will be pleasantly surprised. Here are a few tips to make the most of your yard sale-ing experience.

  • Go early, the "good stuff" is usually gone at the beginning of the sale. Although, sometimes you can get better deals at the end of a sale - people are tired and willing to bargain just to get rid of stuff.

  • Carry change and small bills, this makes it easier on you and the seller.

  • Be willing to bargain - I have been able to ask for less than what people are asking on many things and get a better deal. One of my best deals that I bargained for was my son's twin bed - I got a Sealy matress, box spring, and headboard for $15!

  • Make a list of items you are looking for - or better yet - give this list to your yard sale-ing friends, when they find an item you want they can pick it up for you - and vice versa for them. My boss makes gift baskets for a charity event that she does every year and picks up most of the contents of the baskets from yard sales. Last year, she gave me a list of items and $20.00. I was able to find all sorts of things items, still in the package for her baskets.

  • Buy only items that you know you will use - or that you can resell for a profit. It is never a good deal if you spend the money on something then it sits in a closet gathering dust!

  • Look for neighborhood sales or entire subdivision sales. This is a gas and time saver.

Bottom line, I have saved hundreds of dollars by shopping at yard sales and you can too. I have purchased most of the clothing for both of my kids, children's toys galore (I have never purchased new toys for my kids), a patio umbrella (for $5!), dishes, books, cookbooks, furniture, etc, etc, etc!

For the yard sales in this Boise area check The Idaho Statesman, Z Idaho, and Craigs List.

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