Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why people don't use coupons...Part III

The last couple of week's I have been sharing some thoughts about why people choose not to use coupons. One big reason that I hear often is:

I just don't know where to start.

That is a really good excuse. Couponing can be VERY overwhelming.

My answer to this is SOMEWHERE.

Starting anything new can be difficult. The important thing is to start.

Here are some small steps to getting started:

  • Get some coupons - start building your stash of coupons. Read my post about accumulating coupons here.

  • Organize your coupons - come up with a system for organizing them that works best for you. Here is how my coupons are organized.

  • Find a source for coupon match-ups - I mostly use the blogs in my blogroll on the right sidebar and look for match-ups in the weekly ads.

There you have it. Just start. Take it slow, shop a few stores with your coupons and get comfortable. Once you get your feet on the ground, you can become a full fledged Coupon Queen (which I am not - but would like to be!).

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