Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip - and finding a new gem!

For some reason I ended up shopping a lot this week on several different days. I didn't get pics of everything...but I think you all know what spaghetti sauce looks like!

Long story short I am over budget. I am happy with what I bought, but I need to cut back if I am going to reach my $2,600/year goal. I just have to. However, I got an insert from Albertson's in the paper for a catalina that starts today, so I really want to stock up on this stuff while I can get it for nothing! (Spend $30 get a $15.00 catalina for your next shopping trip - it is General Mills/Betty Crocker/Lipton, etc. - all stuff I use all the time!)

Anyway, here are the trips for the last week and the breakdown.

Wonder Bakery Outlet:

I'm not sure on the individual prices, but the total here was $8.64.

Then I went to Fred Meyer (use your imagination)

8 cans Classico spaghetti sauce $12.00 (w/ in ad coupon) - this isn't the greatest deal on the planet, but we LOVE this spaghetti sauce and I never see it below $2.00. At $1.50 each, I wanted to stock up!

1 cantaloupe - $2.00

4 bottles Root Beer - $2.00

1 cold diet coke - $1.69

Net OOP: $18.22

For you locals - did you know that Honk's $1.00 store on Cole/Ustick sells everything for $.88 on Tuesdays? It is a fact! I don't usually go there, but I happened to be there on Tuesday so I stopped. I found some great stuff, but was excited that they had some food stuff that was a good deal. I got (again, use your imagination):

1 bag of 6 sourdough rolls

1 bag of Orowheat wheat hamburger buns

4 cans of spaghetti sauce (I know what you are thinking, but the Del Monte garlic and onion is our second favorite, and $.88 is a good deal!)

Net OOP: $5.60

Then I discovered a hidden gem of a store (for all you locals!) on Broadway (between Linden and Boise Ave) called Boise Bargain Basket. I was a bit skeptical because it looks kind of trendy, like the Boise Co-op and I thought their brand of bargain may not be my brand of bargain. But I was pleasantly surprised.

They have close-outs and scratch and dented items for really cheap. Some items were a bit overpriced, but as you will see I got some great deals. Their produce selection is small, but very reasonably priced.

I got all this stuff for $15.35! I was pretty impressed. Here is the breakdown:

2 loaves Classic white bread - $2.76 (this is good hearty white bread!)
2 pkgs Hidden Valley ranch dip - $.50
2 cantaloupes - $3.56
2 boxes of Honey Smacks - $3.32
5 individual bags of doritos - $1.00
1 pkg of muffin cups - $.48
4 cans of green chilies - $1.00
1 5# bag of potatoes - $.88
1 bag of Swedish Fish (yum!) and sour patch kids (yum!) - $.98

Net OOP: $15.35

IF I had stopped there (like I was planning to) I would have been under budget. HOORAY! But we ran out of milk, sugar, eggs, shortening, and butter (I was cooking for a bake sale!) So I had to go to Winco and I found a few "necessities." I am such a bad girl.

1 10# bag of sugar - $4.44
2 8ct package of Yoplait - $2.98 ($.37 each!)
2 pkgs butter - $3.92
5 dozen eggs - $3.96
2 gallons milk - $3.96
2 boxes Post Shredded Wheat - $4.96 (- $1.00 off 2 coupon) = $3.96 (there is a story here, my husband wants better cereal than what we have. I told him we should wait for a sale and he didn't agree :), funny thing - Fred Meyer has a great sale this week (3 for $5.00) on the same stuff, so I'll stock up!)
1 box Kellogg's Corn Pops (they are in there somewhere!) - $1.48
1 box Kellogg's Corn Flakes - $1.48
1 Breyer's ice cream - $2.78
2 whipped topping - $1.48
4 candy bars - $2.32 (-2 $1.00 off 2 coupons) = $.32
1 M&M peanut (not pictured) = $.48 (used FREE coupon) = FREE
1 shortening - $3.12
2# roast beef - $5.99 (another request of the hubs)
1 4# strawberries - $5.98
2.5#ish bananas - $1.12

Net OOP: $50.02 - yes, my budget for a whole week! Ugh!!!!!

Let's just say in the next few weeks, I'll be doing some "challenges" like my $100.00 budget mission I did last year. Stay tuned!


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