Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My New Game Closet

I have always wanted a game closet in our house. Our house has a large storage room off of the kitchen so the games have always been there. When we wanted to play a game it was always so inconvenient to go dig one out of the storage room. Then I though of a solution. We have this tiny closet in our living room that is supposed to be a coat closet. There were a few coats in it, but we never used the closet. We have a hanging rack by the front door for coats - so I decided that we would convert it into our game closet. My kids had never seen the closet empty before, so they enjoyed playing in it after we cleaned it out. (Do you like how my daughter is wearing dinosaur pajamas? I have never bought her girly pajamas - any that she has are gifts or hand me downs!)We had some old wood laying around in the garage, so my hubby cut it to size for brackets and shelves.

Voila! My game closet. I love it so much! I did have to get rid of 3 games to get them all to fit, but that's fine with me. They were games we hardly ever played.

Now all of our games are at our fingertips...I think family game nights will start happening way more often around here.
Side note...what are some of your favorite board games?
We have some unusual games as favorites:
  1. Pig Mania (pigs as dice, it is so wierd, but so fun!)
  2. Milles Bournes (a french card game all about driving - so fun!)

I don't know if they make either of these anymore - we found them at thrift stores for super cheap.


Elisa and Morgan said...

your game closet looks familiar. I have way too many games, its an obsession.

I like Mille Bournes too! We should play sometime.

We LOVE Settler's of Catan and the Farming Game.

Beth said...

Your closet looks great! I also was wondering what kind of program you use to track your spending. I would like to start using something so I can see how much we spend on diapers, food, etc. thanks!

SavingSomeGreen said...

Beth - I use Quicken and I love it. My hubby used it before we got married and converted me. I've heard that Microsoft Money is pretty good - also Google has a FREE money tracker. Good luck!

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