Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shopping Day

My cute son Owen turned 4 this summer is now attending preschool. I am just sitting here wondering where all the time went!

This is a long confusing story, so try to keep up...:)I work two days per week (Monday and Tuesday), and preschool is Tuesday and Thursday. My MIL watches my kids on Monday and Tuesday (it is such a blessing!). I have a great arrangement with her for preschool. Preschool is close to her house and isn't close to mine. She takes him on Tuesday when I am at work, then on Thursday my husband drops him off at her house on the way to work, then takes him to preschool. I just have to pick him up. I get to be all alone with my daughter during that time.

That has been another great blessing. We have turned our Thursdays into our grocery shopping days and it has been so much fun with just the two of us! She will actually stay in the cart, which is great. We also get to go check out stores that we don't live near like Boise Bargain Basket.

Have a great day! We are off for another shopping day!

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