Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Works for me Wednesday - Cheap Thrills

Do you remember going to Chuck E. Cheese as a kid (or Showbiz Pizza - as it was called when I was a kid)? I hardly ever got to go because it was so expensive. Granted, my kids are still very little, but we have found a way to get maximum enjoyment there for a minimum price.
Periodically there are coupons in the paper for discounts on tokens. A few months ago, I picked up 100 tokens for $15.00. This takes them for $.25 each to $.15 each. Because there is no admission price, you don't have to eat to play there (we never do), and 10 games each is plenty for my kids we can go up to 5 times for just $15.00 - or $3.00 for a fun morning.
By the way...I'm not big on crowds - especially at Chuck E. Cheese, so we go around 10:00 and are usually the only ones there! This works for me! Looking for more great Works for me Wednesday ideas? Go to We are THAT Family!


Diane said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

you can get coupons online, too.

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