Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On a mission to redecorate...

Do you ever just want to light a match and start over?

That is how I feel about my house right now.

I want a new look, but I can't spend much. I wish I were more creative with decorating!

Any ideas or great sites to help me?


Elisa and Morgan said...

some designer on Oprah said to go "shopping" in your house. Go from room to room and browse the pieces in your house and pick up the ones you like. Then take the pieces and put them in other rooms or move them from the shelf that they've been on for 10 years.

Renee said...

go yard selling...i found a community that was having a yardsale and almost everyone was selling Americana themed items...can you take a guess what my living room and dining room is decorated in? LOL

The Magnificents said...

My cousin has a super cute home interior store in Nampa called Lemon Tree. She just started a blog http://lemontreehomedecor.blogspot.com/

The stuff in her store is cute, new and reasonably priced.

Check it out!

Cathy said...

A gallon of paint is pretty cheap and will freshen up any room! Even if you only do an accent wall! Last year I revamped my kitchen with a warm cozy tan/brown color with black accents everywhere. I still love it! Here are my pictures:


and my inspriation:


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