Thursday, July 2, 2009

Favorite Blog/Site of the Week -

This is just for fun, of course. I am not making any announcements! I just love this website to check out the latest names, celebrity names, etc.

I checked this site all the time when I was pregnant and we were trying to pick out a name. We had about a MILLION boy names but we couldn't agree on a girl name. It was from this site that I discovered that Faith Hill's real name is Audrey Faith. I like Faith Hill, but I'm not a die-hard fan but I loved the sound of her real name.

I presented the case to my husband, who informed me that we could not have any "feelings" as middle names - no Faith, Hope, get the idea. I was bummed, but he did like the name Audrey.

So, when we had our baby girl we named her Audrey Elizabeth. I attribute the idea for her name to Baby (and Faith Hill)! Go check it out!

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Elisa and Morgan said...

That is a cute story. I LOVE the name Audrey. Mostly because of Audrey Hepburn...but now also because of adorable little Audrey!

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