Friday, July 24, 2009

Frugal Friday - Putting the Word Out 2.0

A concept I learned from Amy Dacyczyn from the Tightwad Gazette (see my side bar if you don't own this book - it is worth EVERY PENNY!) was the concept of putting the word out. I have a lot of success with this (read some previous posts HERE).

I recently realized/discovered/thought about another great way to put the word out. Through the internet, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging!

I have around 100 friends on Facebook - imagine the possibilities. I share a need with 100 people through my status update, one person (or some of the people they know) is bound to be able to fill that need! This is an exchange between me and my Aunt Judy about a need that she posted this morning.
Think of the time that she saved by not calling everyone she knows to try and find a high chair. I'm sure also that she wouldn't have thought of asking me because my baby that age where she could go either way - high chair or booster.

Try it - put the word out (digitally) and see what you end up with!

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