Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Works for me Wednesday - My NEW Label Cloud

Do you like my new Label Cloud? I have seen these on other blogs and thought they were so cool. It puts all of your tags (topics for your posts) in alphabetical order and the size of the font indicates the number of times you have blogged about it. I love it.
I tried doing this on my own and I hoped there was some blogger widget that would help me do this. There wasn't.

This is why I am in love with searching for things online. You can find LITERALLY anything! If you want to do something, chances are someone else has posted how to do it.

I did a Swagbucks search and came across the step-by-step instructions HERE.

It was easy...and all I had to do was search the web and I found something that works for me!

Go check out We are THAT Family for other Works for me Wednesday ideas!

Now go add a label cloud to your blog!


1 comment:

3 for Me! said...

I have actually been wanting to "clean up" my labels and get a cloud!!! Thanks for sharing this... I bookmarked it will try it out soon:)

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