Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

It has been awhile since I posted a shopping trip. This doesn't mean I haven't been shopping. It just means that things were way too crazy and I didn't get around to it etc., etc., etc!

Just an update for the year...YTD I have spent $1,928.56. My goal for the year is $2,600.00 or $50.00 per week for groceries (food, household items, and diapers). I am a little bit over this budget (my average has been $64/week), however, I am still happy with my spending. Last year, I spent more than $6,000 for the year!

With that, I spent $48.52 at Winco, got quite a few items, and used no coupons. This picture looks like a big mess because I mostly got produce and bulk foods items, so a lot of bags! Here is what I got:

4 gallons Milk - $6.72 ($1.68 each!)

2.5#ish grapes - $2.48

bulk Parmesan cheese - $1.59

1 pint heavy cream - $1.43

2.9# bananas - $1.38

1 artichoke - $.68

2 2# blocks cheese - $7.96

5# red potatoes - $2.98

1 Breyer's ice cream - $2.78

1 wedge Parmesan cheese - $2.39

bulk Fetuccine noodles - $.94

bulk Great Northern Beans - $1.01

bulk cocoa - $3.13

3#ish onions - $1.62

Pork roasts - $8.68 ( I think there are about 4-5 boneless pork roasts in this big bag - it was $1.28/lb! Score!)

Net OOP: $48.52

About the bag of I was walking out of the store, a gal offerred me this 1/2 bag of ice that she couldn't fit in her cooler. Who am I to turn down a freebie? I'll figure out a use for it.

How about you? How did you do this week?


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Elisa and Morgan said...

Make some home-made ice cream with your ice!!

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