Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Walgreen's adventure this week...

Talk about Saving Some Green! I went to Walgreen's yesterday and I seriously had a blast! Since I started this couponing/rebate thing at Walgreen's just a few months ago, I have been hoping to get to the point where I was only spending $$ on my gift card rather than paying money out of pocket. This time I had $28.35 on my gift card from last month's rebates, so I was excited to get shopping.

Transaction #1

1 Crest Pro Health Mouthwash $4.49 (minus) $.75 mfg coupon (equals) $3.74 - plus I received a Register Reward for $4.50 just for purchasing this (SCORE!)

2 Dole Fruit Bowls $3.34 (minus) $.75 mfg coupon (equals) $2.59 (my hubby loves these for his lunch)

1 8-pack of toddler spoons $.75 on clearance aisle

1 Disney Princess Mirror $2.49 on clearance aisle (this is going to be a Christmas gift!)

1 tin of gourmet cookies $.50 on clearance aisle (these are really good!)

2 pairs of dress socks for my husband $1.00 on the clearance aisle - they are really nice and $.50 each!

2 Shout Stain Remover $4.98 (minus) $2.00 off 2 coupon (equals) $2.98. I received this coupon in my coupon train. (This was actually a manufacturer's coupon with printed on it Publix but my Walgreen's accepted it! We don't have Publix in Idaho.)

1 Shout Wipes $2.49 (minus) $.75 off mfg coupon (equals) $1.74

1 Windex with Vinegar $2.49 (minus) $.75 off mfg coupon (equals) $1.74

1 Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber $3.79. I have a rebate from a recent insert for the purchase price for one of these so it will be FREE after rebate!

1 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Max Kit $3.79 (minus) $1.00 off mfg coupon (equals) $2.79

1 Pledge Multi Surface Wipes $3.79 (minus) $1.00 off mfg coupon (equals) $2.79

For purchasing the 7 items above, I received a $10.00 register reward! So the net amount for all this stuff was $2.04!!!!!

So, my overall total with tax was $28.94 - I used $28.35 on my gift card and only paid $.59 out of my pocket, PLUS I received $14.50 in Register Rewards! I'm finally a PRO Walgreen's shopper :)!

But that's not all, I decided to check out another Walgreen's down the street (because there is practically one on every corner around here) and their clearance was even better than "my" Walgreen's, so on to transaction#2:

1 bottle of Crystal Springs Water $1.49 (this was no bargain, but my husband made me promise I would get him one and bring it home!)

2 Dole Fruit Bowls $3.34 (minus) $.75 mfg coupon (equals) $2.49

2 tubs of Smart Balance $3.00 (minus) $1.00 off 2 mfg coupon (equals) $2.00

4 cans of Butter Ball Chicken Broth $2.00

1 26oz Tide Powder $1.44 - this was in the clearance aisle

4 magnetic "spring" notepads $1.00 ($.25 each!) - this was also in the clearance aisle - these will make great gifts!

2 packages of #2 pencils $.50 - these were in the clearance aisle

1 Kiwi Black Shoelaces $1.79 (minus) $1.00 mfg coupon (equals) $.79

1 2-pack of Raid Ant and Roach killer $2.00 - and I was kicking myself because I found a coupon when I got home! But still I was practically stealing it!

3 Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins $1.17

3 Snicker's Pumpkins $1.17

3 Progresso Soup $4.00 (minus) $.25 and $.50 mfg coupons (equals) $3.25

1 12-pack of Sharpie Markers $2.50 - this was also in the clearance aisle

2 bags of Sour Patch Kids (YUM!) $3.00 (minus) $1.00 mfg coupon (equals) $2.00

1 Sunsilk Shampoo and 1 Sunsilk conditioner $4.29 (minus) 2 $1.50 off coupons (equals) $1.29

2 Chex Snack Mix $2.00 (minus) 1 $.50 off coupons (equals) $1.00

2 Purex Liquid laundry soap $2.98 - this was also in the clearance aisle

7 packets of seeds $.84 - I don't know if I can use these next year, but for this price it is worth the gamble!

1 Excedrin 20ct Gel Caps $3.99 (minus) $3.99 rebate in the Walgreen's Easy Saver

I also used my $10.00 register reward from Transaction #1 - they wouldn't let me use the $4.50 also, and I didn't push it. My overall total after coupons was $27.53 out of pocket for all this stuff, PLUS I will be receiving a $3.99 rebate, so my net price was $23.54! Not bad!

Chances are, your Walgreen's is having some great clearance specials too - I saw a baby monitor and breast pump for $9.99 each, tons of diapers/pull-ups for cheap, and all of their summer stuff. Check out your local Walgreen's - and be sure to check out different Walgreen's in your area. I have seen the same item for different clearance prices at different Walgreen's, so I think the prices are up to the store manager of each store, so watch those ORANGE tags! Do you want to see some more great drug store savings? Check out the Centsible Sawyer's Drugstore Divas and Be Centsable!


Jamie said...

Wow! That's alot of stuff! Way to go!

Sally said...

Good job. I have only been doing this stuff since May and I have been trying to do better with less out of pocket. Today I didn't do too bad. I wish it was less, but I'm happy. check it out at http://couponclipperinmwc.blogspot.com/2008/09/walgreen-shopping-trip-trans-1.html

Frugal Finds said...

Great blog!! Good finds too!!!

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