Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello. My name is Michelle and I have a problem.

I am obsessed with getting a good deal/being stocked up. My $100 budget last month helped me so much, but now I feel like I am going into overload trying to make up for it somehow. I am now over my $200 monthly budget by $5.87. It is November 11th!!!!!!!!! I think I am going to have to do the 2 week challenge that Deal Betty is doing right now. Anyway, I still have $15.00 in catalinas that I can use at Albertson's, so it is not a total loss. That can be my milk money for the month, plus I also need some hamburger.

But anyway, here is what I had to have (sense the sarcasm here?) that put me over budget for this month:

I got 2 gallons of milk at Albertson's. I was going to get more, but I left my blasted catalinas on the counter at home! I didn't want to go back home, so I put everything back that was in my cart and kept the milk because it was a pretty decent deal.

Total OOP: $5.71

Then Walgreen's was calling my name, I had to drive right past it so... I got:

2 cans Pumpkin - $2.00 (w/store coupons from weekly ad)

2 small Clabber Girl baking powder - $1.00 (w/store coupons from weekly ad)

2 small Clabber Girl corn starch - $1.00 (w/store coupons from weekly ad)

1 A&W Rootbeer - $1.49

Total before coupons: $5.80

Coupons I used:

2 $1.00 off 2 Clabber Girl from the Sunday insert(this made the cornstarch and baking powder FREE!)
1 $1.00 off A&W I got here.

Total OOP: $2.80

Then it was off to Fred Meyer: I got:

1 butternut squash - $2.83

3 bunches of Broccoli - $1.30

2 2# Bandon Cheese - $8.98 (this was the store coupon price)

2 Hillshire Farms turkey smoked sausage - $4.00 (this was also the store coupon price)

10 cans of Fred Meyer beans - $4.00 (again, store coupon price)

6 cans FM chicken broth - $3.00

1 Tyson Beef Roast with vegetables - $5.99 (these are normally $11.99, this was reduced for a quick sale. It was a 2# roast with red potatoes, onions, carrots, and celery all cut up and ready to go in the crock pot for dinner tomorrow!)

Total OOP: $31.91


Anonymous said...

I know I have stocking up issues too. However, considering the state of the economy . . . I think it's ok. As long as it's not killing your budget and you're not wasting food. :-)

F Meyer is on my list too. I want some of the cheese.


SavingSomeGreen said...

Maybe I should set up a separate "food storage" budget so I don't feel so guilty about these stocking up trips!


Sally said...

I have this problem too. I started giving myself an extra $10-15 each week to use to stock up or at walgreens/cvs (I can't stay away) this has helped me not feel as guilty about it. I have only just started so we will see how it actually works out in the long run.

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