Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - Toys in the Bathtub

My kids MUST have toys in the bath. I was always annoyed with them after the bath was over. They are all wet, you can't just put them in a cupboard or closet, unless you want a mold problem, which I don't! I didn't necessarily want to leave them in the bathtub in a basket or something. I also didn't want them to get in the way. I came up with a *brilliant* solution that works great for our family. I picked up this mesh laundry bag from the $1.00 store. Now, all the toys go into the laundry bag after the bath and drip dry into the tub. The laundry bag hangs on a hook that is on a suction cup attached to the tile.
A side note - a normal laundry bag is really large - and I thought it would be too large for this purpose, but I turned the bag inside out and tied a knot about 1/2 way up. That cut the bag in half without me having to sew it (which I was considering!).
I love this tub toy solution and the best part is it works for me!
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Jennifer said...

Such a good idea! I will have to remember that once my little Sprout arrives. :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea . . . I like it.

Right now we have an extra strainer/colendar that the kids play with. All the toys go in that afterwards. However, your idea is much better.


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