Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'll have to admit I am new to this whole budgeting thing. I had to get some stuff from Albertson's today with my $15.00 catalinas and I ended up spending $23.81 (after the catalinas and other coupons)! Everything I got was a great deal and I will use it, but where to draw the line? I am making a goal right now to only spend $25.00 for the rest of the month. I just have to quit picking up all the good deals. I think it is a sickness. My stockpile is overflowing. At least I didn't buy more Hamburger Helper, although it did cross my mind :). Ahhhh!
I obviously need to make some changes so, my plan for December is to make the switch to $$cash$$ only for my grocery shopping and I will leave my debit card at home (I promise)!

But here is the reality - even though I have a blog about saving money, I am not perfect at it. That isn't why I started SavingSomeGreen. This is a journey for me. I am learning right along with you. The point of this whole frugal adventure (at least for me) is to live within our means by saving on many of our expenses and doing it in creative ways (like coupons and rebates etc.). If I am over budget a few times, it is not the end of the world. I just have to work on getting better the next time!
Now, time to share the love. I would love to hear from all of you - what are some of your struggles with your frugal lifestyle or getting started with couponing saving money. What are some things you are working on?


Cheryl said...

I've only been doing this since March and I had to learn that I couldn't go out and do every deal and hit every store for the sales. It was still adding up. Plus it took up alot of time. And I am working on making my time just as valuable as my money.

I gave myself a budget of how much I can spend on groceries a week and what I can get with it with the deals out there I can. Some things I have passed up on.

Anonymous said...


I'm in the same boat as you (at least this month). I think it's that darn unilever promotion that was too good to pass up. I agree though, it doesn't do us any good to stockpile, if we're still out there spending (and not using what we have -- or giving it away -- cause we knew we got it for cheap!). I told my hubby I am only going out to spend this month on what I need for Thanksgiving. I'm going to have to just use what I have for the rest of the month!! Then come Jan first, I'm going to consentrate on a strict $$ amt like you did last month!!

Keep up the good work!! It keeps us inspired.


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