Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Starting Your Own Blog

Maybe one of your New Year's resolutions is to start your own blog. That's a great one! Trust me, you'll love it. I have had so much fun sharing my ideas, "meeting" new people, and learning from others blogs.

How do you get started?

Here are just a few tips to get started on your own blog:

  1. Find a topic for your blog. It can be anything you enjoy - cooking, sewing, crafts, politics, family - it is your blog!

  2. Design your blog. Use one of the blogger templates, or do a Swagbucks search for FREE blog templates, there are tons of them out there.

  3. Make a decision about how often you want to post - daily, weekly, twice a week - it is up to you. I have found that the more often I post, the more readers that I have.

  4. Set aside time to write your posts. I usually write several posts at once and set them up to post at a later date, so if I have a ton of ideas all at once, I can spread them out over time on my blog.

  5. Decide if you want to try to make a little bit of money while blogging. Read my post here about making money blogging.

  6. Have fun! Don't get to serious about your blog or let it become stressful or a source of frustration, this is supposed to be fun!

Once you have started your blog, read my post here about increasing your traffic! Good luck, have fun, and e-mail me if you need any help!

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