Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I won a Lemonade Award!

I'm feeling pretty dang special because I won a Lemonade Award (Thanks Thrifty Soaper!)! Her blog is tons of fun to read - and get this - she posts a scan of the Albertson's ad on Monday (two days early!).

Now that I have been nominated, I get to nominate 10 blogs I love. There are so many great blogs out there! I love all the bloggers in my blogroll, so all of you please consider yourself nominated! I would also like to nominate these four fun blogs:

I recently found the coolest blog Making Life deal at a time. Marne shares frugal tips, recipes, shopping trips, and all the stuff I love! Check out the pics of her stockpile. Hello! Love it - and it is super organized!

I also recently happened up Fabulessly Frugal another Boise frugal blog! YAY! I've had fun reading their posts and scenarios. Great job ladies!

She Does Hair - love, Love, LOVE this blog. She gives fun tutorials of the cutest kid hairstyles. Hmmm...if only my daughter had some hair. :)

I am also in LOVE with Today's Creative Blog. Not that I am creative or crafty, but she features a new fun crafty blog every day. I love to see what other crafty bloggers are doing to get ideas for what I can copycat in my own house.


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