Thursday, January 29, 2009


I originally wrote about Swagbucks back in October when I started using it. You can read that post here. Swagbucks is a search engine like Google or but you can earn "Swagbucks" for searches that you do and you can use those Swagbucks to get some cool stuff, like gift cards!

I definitely do a Swagbucks search at least once a day and sometimes I win a Swagbuck or two and sometimes I don't. Anyway, I went to do a search today and I couldn't believe how many Swagbucks I had built up:

Wowzers! 156 Swagbucks! For 45 Swagbucks I can get a $5.00 Amazon e-gift card - so that's $15.00 I can spend on! Woo hoo!

One of the COOLEST things about Swagbucks, though, is how quickly you can build up Swagbucks by getting people to sign up using your referral link.

You can actually earn up to 100 Swagbucks for each person you sign up.

Every time they earn a Swagbuck, you earn a Swagbuck until they reach 100.

Just think of the possibilities! What do ya think? Do you want to sign up for Swagbucks? Sign up here using my link, then get your own link and tell all your friends - you could be on your way to getting some AWESOME FREE stuff - just for searching the web!!!!


Lisa said...

I think I signed up under your name, but can't remember for sure. In any case, there is a new swagbuck code. Enter "BeMine" to earn one swagbuck.


SavingSomeGreen said...

Thanks Lisa!

SavingSomeGreen said...

Thanks Lisa!

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