Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

Last week I was $8.69 over budget, so this week I had $41.31 to spend. Here is what I ended up with.

We really needed some bread so my first stop was the the Hostess Bakery Thrift Store.
I got:

2 Loaves Mrs Emliy's bread - $4.20
2 Loaves Wonder light wheat - $3.50
2 packets of flour tortillas - $2.78
1 Wonder English muffins - $1.69

Net OOP: $12.90

I wanted to hit up Albertson's one last time for the double coupons. When I got to the store, there were no more sale ads (with the double coupon coupons) - the sale ends tomorrow. Luckily my favorite cashier was able to find some for me! Yay!

Here is what I got:

1 gallon skim milk - $2.79

1 gallon 2% milk - $2.00

1 Jolly Time popcorn - $1.00 (-$.50 coupon doubled) Net price - FREE!

1 Lysol cleaner - $2.50 (-$1.00 coupon doubled) Net price - $.50

1 Lysol wipes - $2.50 (-$1.00 coupon doubled) Net price - $.50

2 Johnson's baby shampoo - $6.00 (-2 $2.00 off coupons which the cashier subtracted $1.00 each for double coupons) Net price - FREE!

Net OOP: $6.53

I decided to brave K-mart again. I don't know why I do this to myself. I loathe that place! I brought my coupons to see if perhaps I could find some great doubles. I was hoping for some good diaper bargains or something! Here is what I ended up with.

1 Fuze refresh - $1.00 (-$.25 coupon doubled) Net price - $.50

2 Airwick Lumin Air - $9.98 (-2 $5.00 off coupons) Net price - $.02 overage!

Net OOP: $1.12

Next stop: Freddies. My husband was so funny before I left, he wanted some FRESH fruit. So I complied.

1 PS Ice cream - $3.00 (w/ in ad coupon)

1 FM 18 count eggs - $2.59

1 quart chocolate milk - $.89 (reduced)

4 Hormel turkey chili - $3.16

5 FM assorted beans - $2.00 (w/ in ad coupon)

5 FM assorted tomatoes - $2.00 (w/ in ad coupon)

3 navel oranges - $1.46

4 bananas - $1.00

6 Fuji apples - $2.05

1 Spaghetti squash - $2.10

1 red onion - $.46

Net OOP: $21.96

I came in at $1.23 over budget (so I could have skipped that stupid K-mart trip!) I will subtract that from next week's budget. Hopefully, I can come in under budget one of these days :)! For more great shopping trips this week check out The Grocery Cart Challenge's Shopping Roundup and Money Saving Mom!


newlyweds said...

wow great job. I love coupons you got some amazing deal and tons of food!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVED Albertsons this week. Thus, I am overbudget too. However, I plan to stay out of the stores a little.

I LOVE reading your post. You and I are so much alike in our thinking that . . . I'm learning from you. . . I'm going to skip K-Mart cause I know if it were worth it you'd let me know. :-)


womens socks said...

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