Thursday, December 18, 2008

Albertson's Gas Rewards Program

Albertson's has done it again! I have been a huge fan of their deals lately and now I can get cheap gas from them too!

Here is how their new rewards program works: For every $50.00 you spend at Albertson's using your Preferred Card you get $.05 off per gallon of gas you purchase at an Albertson's Fuel Stop using your preferred card. There is a scanner at the gas pump where you scan your card.

When I first heard about this deal, I thought it was cool, but it would take me forever to spend $50.00 out of pocket at Albertson's. Then I found out a small, but awesome detail. The amount that they count toward the $50.00 is the amount that you spend is BEFORE coupons! AMAZING!

In no time I had racked up $150.00 in purchases before coupons so I had $.15 off per gallon coming to me. We went this weekend to check it out - luckily, there is an Albertson's Fuel Stop pretty close to our house. Using our preferred card, we enjoyed gas at $1.39 per gallon! It only took $20.00 to fill our nearly empty tank - a figure we haven't seen in a long, long, long, long time. Woo hoo!

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