Friday, December 19, 2008

Frugal Friday - Inexpensive/Free Christmas Gifts

I love Christmas! I love the season where people are little bit more kind, a little bit more generous, and a little bit more loving. Christmas also (unfortunately) has become very commercialized and many people go into debt trying to get the best gifts for their kids and family and friends.

I don't see the point in that. First of all, I can only remember a few Christmas gifts I have received, yet I have fond memories of feelings shared and gifts given from the heart.

I'd like to suggest a few inexpensive or FREE gifts that you can share:

  1. Gifts of Service - In my family we draw names for gifts so that each family buys gifts for one other family with a small price limit. This has worked great for us, but I do like to give a small token to the family members that I didn't draw. Last year, I gave each family member a coupon for a special service. I offered my newlywed sister a home cooked dinner, a night of babysitting for my siblings with children, etc. I would prefer a night of FREE babysitting to another pair of slippers anytime!

  2. Simple Gift Baskets - Use a Betty Crocker cookie pouch that you got for next to nothing. Add a wooden spoon (I've seen these at the $1.00 store 4 in a package), a tub of frosting (that also cost you next to nothing), some sprinkles, and cookie cutters. Simple, cute, and inexpensive. Look at your stockpile to see what you have - make a pasta gift basket with some Spaghetti Sauce and Pasta, use a colander ($1.00 store) as the basket. Make a gift basket of toiletries for your single brother in college. Be creative!

  3. Baked Goods - Everyone loves goodies, give all your friends a plate of assorted goodies.

  4. Hand me downs - sort of...give your children treasures from your past. When I was little (I can't remember how old) I received a teddy bear for Christmas that belonged to my mother when she was a little girl. Of all of the Christmas gifts I have received, that is one I always remember. This could work for kids too, they could give a favorite toy or other item to their sibling for Christmas.

These are just a few ideas that cost little to nothing, but would be enjoyed by the receiver. You will also probably enjoy giving them!

How about you? What are some simple/inexpensive things that you do to share Christmas with family and friends?

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