Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - Putting the Word Out

Have I mentioned that I love FREE stuff? I wrote this post a few months ago about the stuff people have just given me voluntarily. Part of the reason I got all this stuff is that people were trying to get rid of something, but part of the reason I got it is that they knew I would take it. I have found that the secret to getting FREE stuff is by accepting FREE stuff that is offered to you - even if you have to take it and donate it to the DI or Goodwill or whatever.

The first time you don't accept something, that person will stop offering. I have experienced this first hand. There is a gal at my work who has given me tons of stuff! She's given me kitchen stuff, toys, baby food, clothes, you name it! One day she brought this big picture to work of a farm house and a meadow. It was a nice picture. She asked me if I would use this in my daughter's room (because it had some purple in it), the first thing that popped out of my mouth was no. I was perfectly polite, but she has never offered me anything again and it has been almost a year.

I don't think that she intentionally doesn't offer me things, but I think this is just one of the mysterious laws of frugality or something - I have seen it myself!

So here is the point of my rant - accept FREE stuff that is offered to you and it will keep coming! Put the word out! Last night at a church gathering they were serving fondue type things fruits, vegetables, breads, etc. After the gathering was over, I was lucky enough to leave with about 2 pounds of baby carrots and a gallon size bag of broccoli florets! I've learned my lesson, if they ask if anyone wants any, I am the first to accept! It works for me!
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