Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weekly Shopping Trip - WAAAAAY underbudget!

I am super excited this week! It feels so GREAT to be under budget! I got a few awesome coupons in the mail this week that really helped out.

One of them was for $10.00 off a $50.00 purchase at Fred Meyer. The verbiage on the coupon did not say it had to be the total after coupons. I called my sister (who happens to work at Freddie's) and she said that as long as I gave it to the cashier FIRST before any other coupons, that it would take the $10.00 off of my total before coupons. It worked! I am so happy!

But first things first...I started with Walgreen's. I think I was going into withdrawals because it feels like I haven't been there forever. I stopped at a Walgreen's that wasn't my usual because I first went to Target to finish up some Christmas shopping. It is right across the street from a nice Walgreen's that I don't go to much. I was happy that they had most of what I wanted:2 Arm&Hammer Laundry Detergent - $2.98 (with in ad coupon)

1 Schick Quattro Razor - $6.99

2 Deerfield Farms Baking Soda - $1.00 (with in ad coupon)

2 Morton Salt - $1.00 (with in ad coupon)

1 5# Domino Sugar - $1.99 (with in ad coupon)

2 3-pack 3m tape - $2.00

2 Kellogg's Rice Krispies - $3.98

Total before coupons: ??? This was full of in ad coupons and stuff, but my receipt says I have $36.13 in savings, so I'm stickin' with that.

Coupons I used:

2 $1.00 off 1 Kellogg's

1 $4.00 off Schick

1 $3.00 off Schick (Walgreen's IVC)

1 $.35 off Domino Sugar

Net amount due: $12.85 which I put on a gift card - so No OOP for me! + I will be receiving a $2.20 rebate for the tape and I got a $5.00 Register Reward for spending more than $25.00 (before coupons, that is!).

Then I had to pick up a prescription for my hubby at MY Walgreen's, so I was able to pick up the items that they didn't have at the original Walgreen's and use the $5.00 RR I just got. I ended up with:

2 Reynold's Wrap Aluminum Foil - $1.98 (with in ad coupon)

3 Jiffy Muffin Mixes - $1.17 (with in ad coupon)

2 Arm&Hammer Laundry Soap - $3.98 (with in ad coupon)

This one worked out kind of funny too.

Coupons I used:

$5.00 RR from transaction above

2 $1.00 off Reynolds Aluminum Foil

Net OOP: $.26! I was going to put it on my gift card, but I just handed the cashier a quarter and a penny, so will be taking this out of my budget amount for the month.

My last stop was Fred Meyer. What a haul! I was kind of nervous that my pre-coupon total wouldn't go over $50.00, but I made it. Here is what I ended up with:

2 FM 1/2 gallon OJ - $2.00 (with in ad coupon)

2 FM 1/2 gallon Chocolate Milk - $2.00 (with in ad coupon)

2 FM 1/2 gallon Skim Milk - $2.00 with in ad coupon

2 FM 18 ct Eggs - $2.59 (these were B1G1 with the in ad coupon)

1 FM Vegetable oil - $1.99

1 Ruffles Chips - $2.50

2 cans Stagg Chili - $2.00

4 cans Hormel Chili - $3.16

2 margarine - $1.58

2 Hall's cough drops - $2.00

3 Fresh Express salad kits - $6.00

1 FM polish sausages - $3.99

2 Hormel Black Label bacon - $5.00 (with in ad coupon)

4 Fuji apples - $1.41

1 bag yellow onions - $1.89

My total before coupons rang up at $58.03 (that was before I gave them my FM in ad coupons as well, which brought the total way down).

Coupons I used:

$10.00 off $50.00 purchase

2 $.55 off Fresh Express

1 $1.25 off Fresh Express (I got this in the mail from Albertson's last week, but it was a MFG coupon - good anywhere!)

2 $.50 off Hall's

My net OOP ended up at a whopping: $28.57! I can't believe it.

I'm so happy because I was able to get some great stockpile stuff, some great fresh food, and I still have a lot left in my budget. I must add that I had to send my hubby to the store this weekend for some milk and butter and he spent $8.45, so my total grocery expense for the week is $37.28. I still have $12.72. (My budget is $50/week) Will I spend it? I don't know. I may go to Albertson's and pick up a few things, they are having a good sale on Betty Crocker stuff - we'll see. My stockpile is pretty good right now!


Stephanie said...

Great deals! I'm grabbing some of the same at Walgreens today. :)

Friends & Family said...

Good job Lady! Don't you love trips like this? My house is low on funds right now (we're roof contractors and it's always slow through March) shopping trips like this are such a blessing. Keep up the good work - Thanks for your blog.

Jennifer said...

Way to go! You did great, I wish I could keep my budget that low.

Melonie said...

Great work!!! The info about the Fred Meyer coupon is awesome - I will let my mom know this as she has one by her house. I'm envying you the deals (we are overseas so we no longer have any civilian stores with loss leaders and Register Rewards *sniffle*).

If it were me, I'd put part of the leftover funds into a rainy day fund and the other part into more of those deals you mentioned, for your pantry. :-)

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