Saturday, October 18, 2008


How often do you do a search on Google or Several times per day? Daily? Weekly? If you're like me, you are always doing web searches. I recently found out about a search site called Swagbucks. Instead of going to Google to do a search, go to Swagbucks. You will randomly receive "swagbucks" for web searches that can be redeemed at the SwagStore for cool stuff. Swagbucks uses both Google and Ask to search, so you will receive the same or better results than just searching one or the other. The rewarding of swagbucks is random - so you will not receive one with every search, but for some searches you will receive more than one. Today I received 3 swagbucks for a search. I signed up about a week ago and have 16 swagbucks. The more searches you do the greater chances you have of getting more swagbucks.

Just a few examples of what your swagbucks can buy:

$20.00 Target Gift Card - 220 Swagbucks

$50.00 Best Buy Gift Card - 430 Swagbucks

$25.00 Macy's Gift Card - 320 Swagbucks

Why not get rewarded for doing what you were going to do anyway? Register for Swagbucks here.

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