Sunday, April 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Week of April 20-28

I am VERY proud of myself. I stuck with the menu plan the whole week last week. It is the first time in forever and it feels so good! I love orgjunkie for keeping me motivated! Here is the scoop for this week (Monday and Tuesday are work days):

Monday: Tuna Helper, broccoli

Tuesday: Grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit salad

Wednesday: Home made macaroni and cheese, green beans

Thursday: Meatloaf, twice baked potatoes, corn

Friday: Pizza night!

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Chicken enchiladas


Lisa said...

I'm slowly working my way towards giving menu planning a try. I'm sure it would make my life easier, but right now I'm doing good to plan our suppers ahead by one day.

Do you have a recipe for your homemade mac & cheese or do you make it like I do...w/velveeta, milk, and macaroni?

SavingSomeGreen said...

I don't have a specific recipe for my mac&cheese. I make a white sauce with 1/2 stick of butter and about 1/4 of a cup of flour. Then I add some milk and stir until it thickens and is boiling. Then I add about 8oz of cheese to make a sauce. I actually ended up making it today and I used some gouda cheese and some parmesan. It was to die for! I haven't tried it with Velveeta, but that sounds yummy!

I never thought I would be a menu planner either, but it really has helped me. I think you will like it too!

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