Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

If you recall, I was WAY over budget last week ($95.44). So much that for the next few weeks I was only going to spend about $10.00 per week to catch up. I made it this week...but we are almost out of milk so I might be going over. We'll see. I am still trying to stay within my $2,600 per year budget, so I have to make some adjustments. Here is what I got this week:

1 can olives - $1.00
1 pkg turkey pepperoni - $2.50
2 loaves bread - $3.00
1 8oz pkg mozzarella cheese - $2.00

Net OOP: $9.01

So, last week I was $95.44 over budget. My weekly budget is $50.00, so with the $9.01 I spent, I am $54.45 over for this week. I will get to add another $50.00 to my budget next week so if I spend less than $10.00 next week, I will be back in the black the following week. I am considering doing a 2 week challenge with no shopping. This would be really good for me. That way I would be ahead instead of always behind. Look for some future posts about ways I will be challenging myself. I really need it!

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