Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning - Day Two

Why is it that the master bedroom turns into a dumping ground? Is it that way at your house? It is at mine as you can see...but tonight all of that changed! I did some serious spring cleaning. Tuesday night is the Biggest Loser - one of our favorite shows and we didn't want to miss it. Two hours out of my spring cleaning evening seemed pretty daunting. So my hubby and the kids joined in the fun. We ran to the bedroom during the commercials and cleaned, vacuumed, dusted, and organized. Here is what it looked like before:
While we were watching the show, I went through the pile of clothes from the dresser and the bed. My husband was trying on shirt after shirt after shirt to see if they still fit and if he still wanted them. It was pretty funny.

Here are the results of our hard work:
It feels so good to have a clean bedroom! Come back tomorrow to see my sparkling clean living room and dun...dun...dun...my son's room!

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