Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip...or lack thereof

Based on my past history, this is a miracle...I did not shop this week.

I'm serious.

I didn't set foot in a store.

Not once.

We are headed out of town tomorrow morning and won't be back until Sunday shopping for the rest of the week. This also means no posts until I get back. I'll miss you :)!

I have been over budget a lot lately, so this is really good for me and my $2,600 annual budget ($50.00 per week). So far this year I have spent $983.45 on groceries (food, household items, toiletries, and diapers). This is an average of $57.85 for the year. Not as bad as I thought I was.
This feels good. You should try it!

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Watch Nena Save said...

Have a good trip! Be safe :)

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