Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Coupon Organization Method Do You Use?

For the past several months I have enjoyed having a poll on my blog asking reader questions about topics I wonder about. Thank you to everyone who voted, I appreciate your feedback. Find out about the other polls here.
For the month of March, I posted this poll:This poll proves that there are many different ways to be successful with coupon organization. I originally used a shoe box and put the coupons in envelopes. Each envelope had a 3x5 card turned vertically with the category written on it then stapled inside the envelope. Like this:You can read more details about how I used this system here. I did like this method, although it wasn't super portable so I usually didn't take ALL my coupons with me to the store.
Then I won a blog giveaway and won the coupon binder I use today. I love it! You can read more details about my coupon binder here.
Interestingly enough, many of you are using a coupon binder or accordion file. Likely this is because of the portability. The great thing about coupon organization, though, is that there is no right or wrong way...just the way the works for you!
Please vote on my current poll - What is your least favorite household chore? Look for the final results in a post around the beginning of May!

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