Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I have decided to designate this week as my Spring Cleaning Week - and share it with all of you (you know, the whole accountability thing...). Here is the plan. I work from 8:00-5:30ish on Monday and Tuesday, so I'll keep those days fairly easy. Luckily we have a small house!

Monday: Both kids rooms (wash windows, dust, wipe down baseboards)

Tuesday: Master bedroom (this shouldn't be too bad...)

Wednesday: Living Room (this entails moving all the furniture and cleaning underneath, removing all the couch cushions and vacumming, and dusting...the dreaded dusting!)

Thursday: Bathroom - we only have one! (scrub EVERYTHING) - BTW...this is the ONE and ONLY time I am happy that we only have one bathroom!

Friday: Kitchen (wipe down all cupboards, baseboards, wash windows - including the toddler handprints all over the french doors! Also organize the desk - a daunting task!)

That's it - I told you my house was small! I can get through the whole thing in a week! I'll make a daily post on my progress. Next week is going to be my organize and purge week...going through my closets and my storage room. Wish me luck...I think I am going to need it!


Elisa and Morgan said...

When you are done, feel free to come over to my house :) It is even smaller than yours so it should only take a day!

Lisa said...

I need to do some spring cleaning, too. I get overwhelmed just thinking about it!

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