Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crazy life...

My life has been crazy lately...and my blog is suffering! I feel like my recent posts have lacked the oomph that I hope to have. We took a weekend trip, it was fun, but made me realize why we don't do it that often. It is a lot of work with two kids. I can't imagine what you mothers with several kids do! I am still unpacking, doing laundry, and reorganizing our lives and we got home on Sunday!

Our computer has also been acting up lately, crashing at the worst possible times, etc. so we purchased a new hard drive and reinstalled windows. It seems to be doing better (during our pre-frugal days we would have just ditched this computer and purchased a new computer on a credit card!).

Now that my life and my computer are back to normal...hopefully my blog will be too :)! Stay tuned, I have some fun new ideas, challenges, and recipes to share!


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