Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Annual Goal Checkup

In January I made a few small financial goals for our family. So far, I think we have done pretty well. Here is the check-up:

Grocery Spending: My goal for the year is to spend $2,600.00 or less or $50.00 per week. So far this year I have spent exactly $1,132.00. We are basically 1/3 of the way through the year so I am a bit over, but I have done WAAAAAAYYY better than last year. I spent $6,111.87 or an average of $230 per week! Holy cow! I am happy with my progress on this.

$1,000 Emergency Fund: I am happy to report that I have $371.25 in my emergency fund and will have just over $1,000 by years end, which was my goal. I have $38.46 come out of each paycheck and it is deposited directly into that account.

Car Savings: This is not so good...I wanted to have $2,500 by the end of the year. I only have $81.24 in the account. I cannot afford to put away $200.00/month right now, so I am looking for ways to do this. My plan is to use any funds I get from the affiliate programs I participate in for this blog (I actually have a $100.00 check coming from Logical Media in the next few weeks!). I also plan on having a mega yard sale in a few weeks as well. I will put the money I earn from that into my car savings.

Christmas Savings: I have been putting $20.00 each week into an account for Christmas. This would give me $520.00 to spend on Christmas by the end of the year. I have spent some of this money on bargains I have found that I am saving for Christmas gifts, so the fund is sitting at $81.68 right now.

My husband has really jumped on board with the changes we are making in our spending habits and our other categories have come way down. We have done so much better with really thinking about our spending choices before we make them rather than just buying things because we feel like it.

So that's my story. How have you done with your goals this year? Check out what other bloggers are posting about their checkups at Money Saving Mom!



Gabrielle said...

My mom used to do yard sales. I still do them occassionally. However, I have a friend that is really into craig's list. On my bigger stuff that I don't want to get yard sale prices for I've been putting that stuff on craigs list. I've recently put baby stuff, scrapbooking stuff, chairs, etc. Just an idea for adding to your car acct!

SavingSomeGreen said...

Thanks Gabrielle! I've missed you :)!

Anonymous said...

Still here ... occassionally checking in. I've stopped couponing for awhile to get caught up on life w/a new baby. Been living off my stockpile and still trying to be frugal in other ways! :-)

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