Saturday, May 30, 2009

Crazy week

Holy COW! This week was a crazy one.

First of all, it was Memorial Day. Because I am part time I don't get paid holidays so I had to work Tuesday and Wednesday instead of my usual Monday and Tuesday. It totally threw off my routine.

Second, we got a HORRIBLE computer virus and I have been without Internet for what seems like FOREVER! It has been terrible and wonderful because I sure got a lot done around my house this week! :)

Third, I had my annual exam scheduled for last Thursday. Let me tell you, I SOOOOO do not look forward to it. Also, we are down to one car since my Jetta died in December and we haven't had it fixed yet. So I had to seriously plan to get to my exam by 10:30. Here's how it went...

++I got up EARLY to get my kids fed and dressed so we could drop my hubby off at work.

++Then we went to the park to kill time before my appointment. I got there at 8:00! It was nice to be the only ones waiting for the swings.

++Then I dropped my kids off at my aunt's house so I wouldn't have to take them with me.

++I drove back downtown for my appointment.

++I checked in and took all my clothes off and put on a silky robe (I love how my doctor's office does this!).

++My doc came in and we were chatting about life, kids, etc. Then there was a knock and the door. My doc was needed for an emergency but would be right back.

++Then I waited...
++...and waited...
++...and waited...
++...and read a whole Family Circle from cover to cover.

++Finally the nurse came in and said she wouldn't be back for an hour. I could have the LPN come in and finished or reschedule.

++Nothing against the LPN or anything...but I LOVE my doc and prefer for her to do my exam. I had one with the LPN in the past and it was awkward. So I rescheduled.

++I put all my clothes back on.

++Then I picked up my kids and stayed and chatted with my aunt while she made cookies (YUMMY!)

++Then I went and picked up my husband because he needed the car to go to a funeral.

Let's just say I was pooped after that day!

Also, Thursday my daughter started getting sick and Friday she was simply miserable and only wanted to be held. Poor baby, she is finally feeling better tonight.

Now that this is already a novel...I won't go on. Let's just say it was a good week for the Internet to be down!

I did do some shopping this week and I will post it, but it might not be until next week. I will report that I was under budget again - I only spent $33.95. I received a Walmart gift card as a gift so I used that to buy some things I don't normally buy. Stay tuned and I will share. I'm just too tired to do it tonight! :)

How was your week?


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