Friday, May 22, 2009

Frugal Friday - Make a trade!

One great concept of the frugal lifestyle is trading. Trade something you can do/have for something you can't do/have. This is not a new has been done forever. I love a good trade!

Here is a recent example: I have a good friend who knows I love to trade. We have been trading babysitting forever. She is a licensed cosmetologist and is usually the person who cuts my hair. A few weeks ago she called me and asked if I wanted to make a trade. She would cut my hair if I would watch her kids on a Friday night! I gladly accepted!

Another example: I am part of a group of four women who trade off large cleaning projects. We meet every Thursday and one person's house and all work together for 2 hours on any project - weeding, cleaning, painting, etc. The kids just play during this time. This works great because it helps each of us to tackle a large task once a month!

Some other examples might be:
  1. Meals - one family cooks a meal for four families and drops the meals off one day per week. The rest of the week meals are dropped off from the other members of the group. My sister in law participated in a group like this and LOVED it!
  2. More food trades - Potlucks are also a great example of this, throw a great party and ask each guest to bring a side. I have even been to some fun "bring your own meat" BBQ's. You just bring what you want to cook for your family and a side dish. Everyone eats their own meat and shares the sides.
  3. Trade skills - My husband did hardwood floor for about 8 years. This is a skill that he could trade for landscaping, fencing, painting, or other skilled labor.
  4. Trade teaching - Teach someone how to knit and have them teach you how to sew. This can apply to any skill.
  5. Trade garden produce - If you had an abundance of tomatoes and a friend didn't have many tomatoes trade for what they grew that you didn't.

Obviously the possibilities are endless. Just be sure that the trades are fair to both parties. Don't allow yourself to be taken advantage of and don't take advantage of someone else!

How about you? What do you trade?

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