Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

Okay, so I didn't technically go shopping last week. I picked up a few items for our trip, but I didn't take it from our grocery budget, I took it out of what I budgeted for our small vacation. This helped to bring me back in line with my $2,600 budget for the year. I have spent $1122.70 so far for the year - the figure I posted last week wasn't up to date with Quicken, but now it is. This also included what I purchased this week. There have been 22 weeks so far this year so this ends up being about $63.00 per week. This isn't bad, but I know I can do better. I know that I can do this. Limiting myself to $50.00 has been difficult. I have been able to catch up, but some weeks $50.00 doesn't go that this week! I spent $104.63! I did get some major stock up items and diapers (I used my last diaper on my daughter last night and I had to go to WalMart at 11:00 pm!).

So here is the scoop for the week:
Albertson's on Tuesday (before their last awesome sale was over!)

6 cans enchilada sauce - $7.50

2 cans beans - $2.50

2 gallons skim milk - $4.00

1 family pack pork ribs - $7.78

1 family pack chicken breast - $7.09

3 pkgs ground beef - $8.34

Used $5.00 off if you spend $30.00 coupon I got in the mail.
Got $4.00 off for spending $10.00 on the Old El Paso stuff.

Net OOP: $29.91 + I recieved a $3.00 catalina for chicken or beef on my next purchase. I wish I knew that the Old El Paso would generate that because I would have purchased my meat in a different transaction! But I have it for next time.
My dad took me to Costco on Wednesday. He paid and I paid him back so I don't have the receipt. The total was around $33.00.

I got I got a ginormous box of 500 ziploc baggies for $7.99

A huge salad mix for $1.99

An enormous bag of Red Star yeast for $5.49 (or $3.99) or something

A humongous box of 700 baby wipes for $15.49 (I think?)

Then I was super excited to have enough Swagbucks to have $35.00 to spend at I used it to by 40 rolls of toilet paper. My net cost was $3.50! You really should sign up for Swagbucks - you could get FREE toilet paper too :)!

Finally it was my nemesis...Walmart. I don't know why I hate going there, but I do. I had to buy some diapers at 11:00 pm last night so I had no choice. I can't believe I let myself run so low! I was happy to find several great deals that my family will enjoy.

2 pkgs Luvs diapers - $13.94

2 bunches bananas - $3.00

4 tomatoes - $1.31

5 apples - $1.21

1 tillamook cheese - $5.50

1 Minute Maid limeaid - $1.00

1 Minute Maid lemonade - $1.00

3 pkgs Lender's bagels - $3.00

3 cans olives - $2.91

1 jar Nalley pickles - $1.76 (- $1.00 off coupon) = $.76

1 feta cheese - $2.37

Net OOP: $38.22

I am going to go easy next week. Probably just milk, eggs, and maybe some potatoes. We are pretty set for awhile :).


p.s. be sure to check out some other great trips on Money Saving Mom and Grocery Cart Challenge!

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