Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm going to have a meltdown...

I had kind of a hard day today and was feeling a bit run down. My husband took care of the kiddos while I took a quick nap.
Side note: I had pulled out "the good coupons" from my coupon binder and put them in a separate envelope in the outside pocket. My kiddos got into it...unbeknownst to my husband...and did this:To my good coupons (notice the $2.50 off Electrasol). I SERIOUSLY started to hyperventilate.

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Elisa and Morgan said...

oh man!! I can totally relate. I let Aislynn play with my wallet today while at the store and she pulled out my register rewards and ate them!! Thankfully she only ate the fine print so the bar code should still be readable.

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