Thursday, March 26, 2009

Favorite Blog/Site of the Week - All Recipes

Since I started menu planning, the Internet has been a huge resource for me for getting recipes to try. I am in LOVE with All Recipes - and you should be too!
Here's why...

++All Recipes is SUPER easy to navigate.

++You can search for a recipe based on ingredients you have and ingredients you want to leave out!


++Many of the recipes have been tested by readers and they leave a review. It gives you the opportunity to see what someone else thought. This has saved me from trying some IFFY recipes.

++Join and you can post recipes for readers to try!

See...I told you it was a great site! Go check it out for yourself here.


Anonymous said...

Michelle-have you seen The Pioneer Woman Cooks blog? You would LOVE it-she is an amazing cook and uses gorgeous step by step pics.

Yokel (TKS) said...

Be wary: AllRecipes has a reputation for publishing recipes and original photography that they've plagiarized from food bloggers. Not a cool practice, not when other people are doing really good work and deserve credit for it.

SavingSomeGreen said...

Shari - thanks for the tip. I LOVED it! The pictures were awesome!

Yokel - thanks for letting me know about possible issues. I hadn't heard anything before.


Anonymous said...

So glad you like The Pioneer Woman Cooks-she is pretty amazing!~

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