Friday, March 6, 2009

YouData - another EASY way to make a few bucks online!

I learned about YouData several weeks ago from fellow blogger Deal Betty. I signed up on January 22nd and so far I have received $7.66 in my PayPal account!

Here is how it works...

You sign up for YouData and set up a Me File with your data.

YouData chooses relevant ads based on your profile and you get money for clicking on them. It is usually 5-15 cents.

Every Friday, YouData transfers the funds for anything that you earned that week into your PayPal account.

That's it!

They just started offerring a referral program, which is really cool too. For each person that you refer, you will receive one cent for every ad they are paid for up to $1.00. Doesn't sound like a lot, but depending on how many people you refer, you could end up with quite a bit, while still earning of your own ad views.

The thing that makes YouData so much better than sites like Inbox Dollars or Send Earnings (sites where you are paid for reading ads) is that there is no threshold (both Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings have a $30.00 threshold), you get paid every week even if there is only 10 cents built up for you.

I check my YouData about once a week and quickly view all of the available ads. It is totally worth it because I am already surfing anyway (using Swagbucks!), so I might as well make a few cents!

So, check out YouData for yourself, sign up using my link HERE then get your own link and share it with all your friends!


melyn said...

Thank you, I actually signed up with them and they are on my email account. I didn't realize that I should be clicking on the ads.

SavingSomeGreen said...

I don't get e-mails from them. I log into YouData and it shows me how the amount I will be paid for the ads that are available to me. I click on them the section that says "to ads" and it gives a list of ads to click on.


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