Thursday, March 12, 2009

Favorite Blog/Site of the Week - Every Day Food Storage

I actually found this site through Making Life Sweet when she posted making your own condensed soups. She linked to Every Day Food Storage and I checked it out. Boy, am I glad I did!
Every Day Food Storage is a great blog FULL of recipes and ideas for the use of food storage items like rice, wheat, powdered milk, etc.

++The first thing I learned from this blog is Magic Mix. This is a base you can use to make a perfect white sauce, condensed soups (cream of whatever), pudding, etc. I recently tried this for making cream of chicken soup - it was to die for!

++Crystal also has TONS of how to videos - great for those of us who are visual learners!

++She also provides several FREE handouts to make your food storage cooking a success. Check out the Kids in the Kitchen fun!

++Of course, she has a TON of recipes - check out her recipe section here.

Besides all of that...her blog is WAY cute! Check it out!

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