Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Walgreen's Rocks Again!

At first glance, I didn't think there was much I was going to pick up at Walgreen's this week. There were two FREE after Register Reward items, but I don't really consider those FREE because I have to pay out of pocket for the item first, which comes out of my budget. I show the savings when I actually use the Register Reward. I have the same philosophy about FREE after rebate items.

Anyway, I worked out a pretty good scenario and ended up getting all this stuff for $13.11! It would have been a little bit less, but there was a problem with my Ritz coupons...I'll explain later. I purchased all the items below in 3 transactions:

Transaction#1 I walked over to Walgreen's on my lunch hour on Monday (it is right across the street from my work!):

1 Blink Tears Eyedrops - $7.99 (- $2.00 coupon from Sunday's insert) = $5.99

2 Reach toothbrushes - $1.98 (w/in ad coupon)(- 2 $1.00 off coupons) = $.02 overage!

4 Ritz crackers (there is one sleeve per package) - $3.98 (- $2.00 off 2 coupon, I tried to use 2 coupons but the register was beeping and said "exceeds coupon limit" so I just took my coupon back) - $1.98

1 Colgate Max Fresh - $3.29 (-.75 off coupon) = $2.54

Net OOP - $11.53 + I received $11.50 in Register Rewards ($8.00 for the Blink Tears, $3.50 for the Colgate!)

Transaction#2 I went back to Walgreen's after work and my FAVORITE cashier was working. I was so glad because she is sooooooooooo great about all my coupons and questions every BEEP!

3 cans Lindsay Olives - $2.97 (w/in ad coupon)

1 Walgreen's Contact Solution - $2.99 (w/in ad coupon)

1 Colgate Max Fresh - $3.29 (-$.75 off coupon) = $2.54

2 Ritz Crackers - $1.99 (- $2.00 off 2 coupon, it did beep, but she put it through with no problem!) - $.01 overage!

Used $8.00 Register Reward from Transaction#1

Net OOP - $1.17 + I received another $3.50 Register Reward for the Colgate!

Transaction#3 I headed over to another Walgreen's that always seems to have great clearance and I was happy to find some goodies (for you locals - it is the Walgreen's at Eagle and Chinden). I looked around for quite a while because I wanted to spend as little OOP as possible!

1 Dawn liquid - $.99 (w/in ad coupon)(-.50 off coupon) = $.50

3 cans olives - $2.98 (w/in ad coupon)

7 Sugar Free drink mixes - $3.50 (on clearance for $.50 each)

Used my 2 $3.50 Register Rewards from Tran#1 and #2 above.

Net OOP - $.41!

All in all, a really great haul! The funny thing is - at regular prices, just the contact solution and the eye drops would have been more than I spent on everything. I love this coupon thing! By the way...this is $13.11 that I will be taking away from my $50.00 budget for next week.


A Frugal Friend said...

Great job.....they wouldn't take my Ritz coupons either. :-(

Lolo said...

You guys I recently posted this on some other blogs and so now I will post it here as well. If you have a coupon that is over the amount of the product it will always beep and they will always tell you they will not take it (unless you are lucky enough to get a very nice cashier which has never happened to me) so what you do is buy one more of the product than you plan to buy say one more ritz... and then after they do the coupons ask them to remove one of the ritzes that you changed your mind. As long as there is enough at the time that the coupon goes through to meet or exceed the value of the coupon it will work. BTW the coupon works on all of the Nabisco crackers and cookies. I got a bunch of fig newtons on my second trip (My first only had the ritz...) and it worked beautifully even though coupon says crackers. I LOVE Fig Newtons so I was extremely happy!
Hope this helps and maybe you can still get some.... if not remember it for next time. No need to spend money on what is free! said...

This is so cool! I am on a mission to learn how to start saving money too.
Any help (tips) would be appreciated:)
I have a mommy message board I would love to invite ya too. Maybe you can share some tips with us in our coupon section. Or just post stories like this to help keep us motivated to try and save money.

Dawn said...

I have the best luck at Walgreens. For some reason, we do not have register rewards, but I kicked butt this trip. Coffeemate, BOGO, plus 1.50 off, Fructise conditioner..again, sale for 2.99 minus wg 2 off, plus 1 mc off, and free e-sen-cia shampoo after full mail in rebate from manufacturer. I also got 2 more toothpaste,( my dh thinks I am nuts), almonds ( 2 cans). All in all, original cost of 28.50, final cost of 4.58 with rebate. I must admit I have never had problems with this Walgreens with coupons.

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