Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monthly Mission - Fred Meyer

Ah...the milk. It seems that I cannot go one week without buying a gallon or two. Milk can be such a budget buster, like meat, only more necessary. I honestly had no idea how much milk we actually went through. With these two gallons I just purchased, it brings us to 7 gallons for the month - and I don't even drink milk! At 2.75 each (if it is on sale) that is over $20.00 or 1/5 of my budget this month (although I was able to use some register reward deals to get some cheaper milk)!

So enough with the milk rant! I went to Fred Meyer yesterday and picked up some milk - for a total of $5.83. I am now scraping the bottom of my monthly budget barrel! We now have $5.79 to last us for 10 more days in October. I really need some cheese, but I don't want to spend the rest of my budget and not have anything left for the rest of the month, so for now we are making do. I know we can make it - this Monthly Mission has been so great for me and our family. It has helped me to realize that I truly can set and achieve goals. If I can do it, you can too!

To find out more about my Monthly Mission - read here.


Anonymous said...

Quick Question. Do you guys have a Costco card?? Maybe not since you get such great deals everywhere. The reason I'm asking is I buy my milk at Costco. I just bought 1% the other day at $2 a gallon. I always buy ALOT cause Costco is the cheapest place to buy it. Then I freeze the gallons we aren't using. As long as you completely DEFROST the milk and shake it . . . it tastes the same. It saves us LOTS of money.


SavingSomeGreen said...

I don't have a Costco card, I love Costco and it is way too easy to drop $100 there in 10 minutes. Our membership expired in March and we haven't renewed it. I have been thinking about it though.

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