Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monthly Mission - Stockpilin'

We are almost 1/2 way though the month of October, which means I am almost 1/2 way done with my Monthly Mission, which is to spend only $100.00 this month on groceries. My stockpile has really been workin' for me!

I love looking at pictures of stockpiles almost as much as my husband enjoys looking at pictures of I thought I'd share my stockpile pictures with you!

Here is the Official SavingSomeGreen Stockpile Tour:

We have a storage room off of our kitchen that I love!!! My hubby built some great shelves after we moved in. I can fit a lot of stuff on these babies. This is the front view...

...and the side view, which is almost as deep as it is wide. This is where I keep most of my food stockpile. I have another cupboard in the kitchen that is full of jello, pudding, and sugar free koolaid. I couldn't quite maneuver to get a decent picture, so just imagine. Oh and as long as you are imagining...could you make it more organized?

This is the shelf above my washer and dryer - not a lot of space there, but I do have a decent supply of laundry soap! You can also see the top of my current box that is a 125 load box of Tide left over from my Costco days. It is still going strong!

This is my linen closet - now more officially the toiletry closet. Yes, the shampoo goes all the way to the back. I also have a few cleaning products stuck here that won't fit under the kitchen sink yet.

So, this is what I have to work with to fill in where my $100.00 budget can not.

Now for my philosophy on stockpiling...
  1. The purpose of a stockpile is to get items at the lowest possible prices so that you are never "running to the store" to get an item you need at full price. You do not (I am telling myself this at the same time), I repeat do not, have to get every deal out there. You will just make yourself crazy if you try.
  2. Buy what you will use...even if it is eventually, or if you get it for free and you know someone that needs it get it and pass it along.
  3. Don't let it take over your life or your home. Be creative with space in your home - place canned goods under a bed, in your linen closet, under a table that has a floor length tablecloth, etc. Please do not let this become your living room!
  4. Stay organized, know what you have, and plan meals based on what is in your stockpile.
  5. Set aside a small portion of your grocery budget specifically for stockpiling items (this should also curb the over stockpilng syndrome (that I have:)).
  6. Replenish your stockpile regularly, but only at the rock bottom prices you are so good at finding!


Gaitha said...

WOW! Your stockpiles are great! Makes me want to go find some really super deals:) thanks for the pics!

Lisa said...

I love looking at stockpile pictures, too. I've been contemplating posting pics of mine, but feel the need to organize them a little better first. Maybe this weekend...

Anonymous said...

Yes. . . we store A LOT of stuff under my boy's bunkbed & crib (it has a skirt so no one can see it.) My suggestion for under a bed is to keep the boxes with the sides that you buy cases of cans in.

Then you can pull out the boxes and see all your stuff (they have low sides). We also date our stuff (just month and year) so we know what needs to be used first.


MKB said...

I definitely need help in the non-food department. Hopefully, you will post great deals on them when you find them.

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