Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Montly Mission - What have we been eating?

You have seen what I have bought so far this month and know that no one can come up with a meal using milk, bananas, sour cream, and olives. Let me tell you, we haven't been starving - thanks to our stockpile! Some of the things we have had are:
  1. Taco Soup - I made a big batch of this, froze 1/2 of it and ate it for lunch all last week!
  2. BLT's - we had some bacon in the freezer, an overabundance of tomatoes in the garden, and some lettuce left from our big family dinner (we served tacos). Voila!
  3. Chicken Wraps - using said tomatoes and lettuce along with some cooked cubed chicken breast from the freezer and some ranch dressing - yum!
  4. Spaghetti - this wasn't exactly by choice, when my hubby opened the pantry door, one jar fell. It didn't break, but the top became unsealed. I also make a great garlic toast, put a light spread of butter on some white bread, sprinkle some garlic salt and some parsley for looks. Toast in your toaster oven. **Side note: If you don't have a toaster oven, you should get one. I love them for quick cooking and making a lot of toast at once! It is also great for a quick batch of biscuits or reheating pizza.
  5. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - love these!
  6. Macaroni Grill Boxed Linguine Alfredo - I got this recently on sale with a coupon. It was actually really good!

There have also been lots of other fillers here and there - and of course a lot of leftovers. The good news is we have barely made a dent in our stockpile! I have been really grateful for this challenge, it has really changed my priorities and has helped me to be more creative. For example, I am almost out of cooked cubed chicken breast in my freezer - I really want to buy some boneless skinless chicken breasts. I do have two whole chickens in my freezer (with bones ewwwww!), so I will be cooking one of them tomorrow. I will debone it, remove all the meat and have enough for several meals. It is starting to get cold, time for some comforting chicken meals!

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Anonymous said...

Just an idea . . . you could make soup and ckn enchiladas with your whole ckn. Yumm!!


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