Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A time saver - Works for Me Wednesday

Okay, so this might seem simple, but I think it saves me a lot of time. I would like to share my process for washing dishes:

We have a double sink, whenever we are finished eating, all of the dishes are rinsed in the RIGHT side of the sink and placed in the LEFT side of the sink - except utensils which are placed on the counter next to the RIGHT side of the sink (to make loading easier later). I usually only run the dishwasher once per day. After dinner, I put all the already rinsed dishes from the LEFT side of the sink directly into the dishwasher, and load the utensils in their removable basket.

The next day instead of putting all the dishes away right away, I pull out dishes as I need them for breakfast, lunch, and then dinner. Then I put all of the dishes away as I am preparing dinner that way I am not doing double duty. In the scheme of things the saves me time (time is money!) and it works for me!

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Grammy said...

A great Ideal Thank you.

'Becca said...

We do exactly that--rinse on the right, stack on the left--and it is great! Two of my personal pet peeves are having to reach into a sink of gooey dishes and dirty water to get ready to start washing, and having to clear out one side of the sink to make space to scrub veggies or drain pasta; this method prevents both problems. We stick the utensils into a glass or jar in the dirty-dish sink.

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