Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monthly Mission - Walgreen's

I decided that I was not going to get any more rebate items for the October Easy Saver, so I decided to cash in and get my gift card. I had $23.62 that I could spend at Walgreen's. I have been watching every cent because of my $100 monthly budget for the month, but with a gift card, it is nothing out of pocket - woo hoo! There were a few items that we needed and some we did not - but here is what I got.

3 boxes Kraft Mac-n-cheese - $2.07 (that was a sale this week with a coupon, not the greatest deal, but I was craving it!)

10 assorted cans Pringles - $10.00

2 gallons distilled water - $1.38 (this was a necessity, my husband needs it for his CPap machine and it was a good deal)

1 gallon whole milk - $2.99 (for my baby)

2 bottles of Walgreen's brand soda - $2.00 (for fun, but they weren't very good)

1 Pert Plus - $3.49

1 LifeSavers variety pack - $4.99 (for Halloween - we ate some of the candy we got here.)

Total before coupons: $28.51

Coupons I used:
$2.50 off Pert Plus Walgreen's IVC

$1.00 off Pert Plus (Making this free - I didn't get a $2.00 coupon in my Sunday paper boo-hoo!)

$1.00 off LifeSavers Walgreen's IVC (I just noticed this, it was supposed to be $2.00 off, but the coupon on the other side was $1.00 off M&M's. The casheir must have scanned the wrong side!)

$1.00 off LifeSavers MFG coupon from recent insert

Total on my gift card - $23.02 Yes, I pretty much spent all of it! But I am glad I was able to get some necessities and stock up on some Pringles. I also got $3.00 in Register Rewards for the Pringles which I can use later this week for more milk if I need it. I only have $5.79 left in my budget for the rest of the month, so I gotta make it stretch!

To read more about my $100.00 budget for this month click here. To see what I have purchased this month, click here.

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