Friday, October 3, 2008

Monthly Mission - Walgreen's and Albertson's

I made a trip to Walgreen's and Albertson's last night for my first shopping this month. I know I'm not supposed to be stockpiling this month, but we needed some body wash and this was a great deal, sooo...I got this at Walgreens.

5 SoftSoap Body Wash @ $3.49 each - $17.45

1 Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush - $4.49

Total before coupons: $21.94


1 $1.00 off SoftSoap from the Easy Saver Catalog this took $1.00 off each one or $5.00

1 $.75 off Oral B Coupon

1 $5.00 register reward from last week

I put $5.34 on a gift card

My total OOP was $7.17, but I got $10.00 in Register Rewards for the SoftSoap and $4.50 in Register Rewards for the toothbrush.

For my second transaction I got 5 more SoftSoaps

5 SoftSoap Bodywash @ $3.49 each - $17.45


1 $1.00 off SoftSoap from the Easy Saver Catalog - again this took off $1.00 per item or $5.00

I used the $4.50 register reward from Transaction #1

My total OOP was $9.00, but I got a $10.00 Register Reward back.

Then I went to Albertson's. I am kind of annoyed with this one because I missed out on a $3.00 off if you spend $10.00 because I got the wrong kind of Coca Cola products. I didn't realize this until I got home. Ugh! I still got away with some great low cost items, though.

2 packages HomeLife napkins @ $1.00 each - $2.00

1 8oz Daisy sour cream @ $1.00

2 SoftSoap hand soaps @ $1.00

5 2-liter bottles of Coke @ $1.00 each - $5.00

2.7 lbs of Bananas $1.59

Total before coupons was $11.59


2 $.35 off SoftSoap

1 $5.00 Catlina that I got last month

Total OOP $6.59 - again this should have been $3.00 less but I got the wrong Coke Products!

So after this trip I spend $22.76 from my $100.00 budget, but I have $20.00 in Register Rewards that I plan to use to purchase grocery items from Walgreen's this week, we need milk right now, so I will probably go get some today.


Bluestirpe55 said...

Ok michelle, i am kind of new to this but what are register rewards?

SavingSomeGreen said...

Register Rewards are basically coupons that are good towards your next Walgreen's purchase. In the weekly ad there are usually several items that offer Register Rewards. At Walgreen's you cannot "roll" your rewards, for example if I were to purchase more SoftSoap Body Wash and I used one of the $10.00 Register Rewards I got, a new Register Reward would not print. However, I can use a Register Reward from another offer - like the $4.50 I got for the toothbrush. Items for the same offer are grouped together in the weekly ad. It can be kind of confusing, I know. Mommy Snacks (another blog I read) has a great explanation for how to "Play Walgreen's" She was my inspiration when I started. Check out her link here.

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